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What once started 30 years ago as a shy attempt to put a first knee on track, very quickly turned into ‘the need-for-speed microbe’. Because budget-friendly circuit driving was a necessity, we had to do tasks like changing brake pads, changing oil, and cleaning a carburettor. Before we knew it, the whole circuit motor was lying in parts on the garage floor and kitchen table.

After exploring a number of world-famous circuits, riding a few HP bombs and having worn out several kneesliders on circuits, the 2-stroke microbe we knew from childhood gradually emerged.

The 2-stroke circuit experience had its origins on the circuit of Zandvoort with a patch-up Yamaha TZR 125 as a baptizing machine. Meanwhile a few years later with a lot of track and wrench experience in our hands, this in combination with many 2-strokes passing in our garage, we could safely say that we had crossed the line to consider this as a hobby that got out of control.

Because we experienced at first hand how difficult it was to get the suitable parts together, the idea grew to set up something ourselves. We hope that both the die-hard track rider and the tourer can find everything their heart desires in our shop.

robyn racing over ons